Getting Started

If you have not done so already, please download the Inner Armor mobile app and follow the instructions on the email that was sent to you on logging in to your account. Once you have completed those steps, here are the next steps to begin your training and forge your Inner Armor!


  • Your Inner Armor case contains three pieces of equipment:

    Inner Armor Breathing Belt

    Inner Armor Finger Sensor

    3D Glasses

  • The Inner Armor breathing belt will only be used when completing the Power Shaping phase of the Inner Armor Matrix.
  • The Inner Armor finger sensor will be used for the remaining two Power phases as well as all phases of the Focus track.
  • The 3-D glasses will be used during the first two phases of the Precision program.

Beginning Precision Sessions

  • Once logged into the Inner Armor app, you will tap Shaping under the Precision logo. This will direct you to the login page for HTS vision.
  • You will need a separate login on the HTS website which you will have received via email.
  • You will be prompted to enter a screen measurement, which is the width of the screen measured to the nearest half-inch.
  • For each phase of Precision, you will be prescribed two exercises per session. The length of each exercise will be indicted on the home page for your account
  • If using a controller, be sure to select the Spaceship option before beginning session. If not, keep the setting on Classic.

Beginning Power/Focus Sessions

  • You will notice that only the Power Shaping exercised is unlocked. You will unlock new exercises as you complete the star requirements for the assigned exercises.
  • Power Shaping is the only phase of the matrix that you will use the Inner Armor breathing belt. (Refer to the Inner Armor breathing belt guide for setup and best practice guidelines).

  • Turn on your device and sync it to the app via Bluetooth on the first screen to begin the exercise.
  • Each exercise will start with a one-minute breathing period, followed by two training periods 3:30 minutes in length (The first is done while sitting, the second while standing)

*If you are using a shared device, please remember to log out of your profile at the end of your session.