Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Timothy Royer

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer

John Wierenga

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Amy Royer

Chief Wellness Officer

Greg Smith

Chief Creative and Marketing Office

Jordan Eccleston

Director of Operations

Ian Richardson

Client Success Director - Athletics

Angie Casola

Client Success Director

Adam Wills

Clinical Director

Dr. Timothy Royer (Co-Founder)

Dr. Royer is a believer in the power of the brain. For 25 years he has been working tirelessly to improve the brains of his clients and impact their quality of life. He combines cutting edge technology with proven principles and tools to produce the highest quality of expertise in brain optimization. His specialized training in neuropsychological testing and assessment allows him to provide individualized training recommendations for optimal performance. He is double certified in neurofeedback and heart rate variability, providing him the means to produce brain balance.

John Wierenga (Co-Founder)

John Wierenga is an international business professional with experience working with all stages of companies, including early stage companies and investments. He is passionate about optimizing wellness and performance primarily through training behavioral changes. His goal is to empower others by combining technology with the body’s natural systems to improve performance.

Dr. Paul Gammage O.D. (Advisory Board Member)

Dr. Gammage began his undergraduate work at Taylor University and graduated in 1989 from the Ohio State University college of Optometry. After practicing in Ohio for a few months, he joined Hudsonville Vision Care in November of 1989. In addition to general optometry, contact lenses, diseases, and laser surgery co-management, Dr. Gammage specializes in learning-related vision disorders and vision therapy. He is board certified in vision development and therapy and has completed a fellowship in vision development and therapy in 2004 through the College of Optometrists in Visual Development.