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What is Inner Armor?

At Inner Armor, we enhance the body’s ability to perform under stress by training the individual to regulate their autonomic nervous system. Our multifaceted approach strengthens the most powerful deterrents to stress – vision, breathing and focus – and is designed to optimize performance in stressful and demanding circumstances and environments.

Our proprietary methodology utilizes modern-day technology to engage multiple aspects of the autonomic nervous system to improve clients’ processing speed and recovery. After decades of work in this field, we have combined our top three training protocols for a synergistic, powerful outcome:

  1. Precision – vision training to decrease brain stress and optimize processing speed   
  2. Power – breathing training to maximize the energy of every cell  
  3. Focus – nervous system training to promote optimal brain efficiency 

Backed by decades of science, Inner Armor combines these powerful tools into a practical and accessible application designed for the everyday athlete, student, and professional. Our team brings over 50 years of collective experience in the health and wellness industry, including two decades in a clinical setting. 

The program trains clients to build resilience, empowering them to respond to, recover from, and prepare for the unique demands and stress of their environments. We are passionate about improving the wellbeing of our clients, with the goal of forging each individual’s Inner Armor to combat the modern-day stressors of life.

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