For Students

For Students

Students want to stay sharp and we’ve seen our Inner Armor program provide that for them.

Focus, ADHD, anxiety, and strain are constant concerns of students and parents of students.

Our program provides a multi-faceted approach to training students on the key skills they need to maximize their time in the classroom.

For Students
The inner armor forging process provides a training regimen to improve and optimize the following aspects of your body:

Our eyes are muscles which need to be trained to focus on objects and work together in complex tasks, such as reading. Our program trains these eye muscles and helps increase their strength and coordination.


Anxiety and ADHD can limit the learning of students of all ages. Breathing has been shown in numerous studies to reduce anxiety and improve ADHD. Students in our programs learn the tools needed to combat anxiety through breathing to regulate the autonomic nervous system


May students struggle to maintain focus in the classroom, which is critical for learning. Breathing, and skin conductance training provide feedback to the body and brain to help strengthen the ability to focus, retraining the brain to sustain focus over long periods of time.