For Athletes

For Athletes

Atheletes are always looking for the extra edge and we’ve seen our Inner Armor program provide that for them.

Athletes are constantly under pressure to repeatedly perform at their best.

While they spend hours in the gym and recovery rooms, little attention is spent on the body’s internal systems and processes to optimize performance and recovery.

For Athletes
The inner armor forging process provides a training regimen to improve and optimize the following aspects of your body:
Precision Specific training to strengthen the eye muscles and their coordination to improve visual processing speed and accuracy.

Training to regulate the autonomic nervous system into a rhythm which optimizes heart coherence and trains heart rate variability.


Breathing and skin conductance training to train the athlete’s ability to regain focus and reduce stress. Our training program teaches athletes how to “bounce back” from a stressful situation to a calm and ready state.

Our forging process has been utilized by hundreds of professional and collegiate athletes to train them to build dynamic resilience for the stressful moments and also to jumpstart their recovery.